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Saturday, April 24, 2010





Another week at Meter Department..nothing to say bout this week coz the activities were similar as Week 2..the only different is that there were no more senam robik or any ceramah keselamatan/kesihatan...

I learnt many new things bout meter..and since I have been 3 weeks at Meter department, so next week (final week at Meter Department), if before this I just help them in their job but this coming week I will do it(replacing meter) myself...

Monday, April 19, 2010


Week 2 was a week of safety which was called as 'Minggu Keselamatan'. There were many events that have been scheduled throughout the week.


Activity: Sukan Teknikal
Place: Padang Tangkak

These were some of the events contested:

1) panjat tiang

2) pasang umbang

3) mencari kerosakan

4) pasang meter 3 phase

5) pole dressing

6) sambungan terus kabel


The competitors were from TNB (Muar, Segamat, Ledang) and contractors (Keringat Mulia, May Cable Line).


Activity: Senam J-Robik

Time: 7.45 am to 9 am

Activity: Ceramah Kesihatan by Dr. Hj Ahmad Pouzi

Title: Stress/Tekanan Mental and H1N1

Place: Dewan Sri Maharani, 4th Floor, TNB Muar

Time: 10 am to 12 pm


Raw call at the early in the morning by Pomen of Meter Department, En Sharif bin Bachik. Firstly, he congratulates the team that won in the cempetition at Sukan Teknikal last Monday. Secondly, he discussed about problems faced at the site.

After the raw call, I followed En Wahi and En Shahrun to the site. Like as before, I did the same job by helping them replacing the old/break down meters around the area. Why do we need to replace the old/break down meters? It's because the reading of the meters were incorrect and then results the customers paying less for the current used. It was the Meter Reader job to report all the problems to the admin.


Nothing new happened...all the day going out to the site...and still following En Wahi's was very a sunny day..sooo hot...but luckily En Shahrun were taking us to have coconut drink..fuhh,lega rasanyer...thank s ya..really enjoy it!


Activity: Kuliyyah Jumaat

Place: Surau TNB

Time: 8 am to 9 am


1) Teach children to solat and recite the Quran since they are young

2) Perkara2 makruh in solat

3) Sunat Hay'at

4) Sunat Ab'ad

5) Perkara2 yg membatalkan solat

Activity: Ceramah Keselamatan

Place: Dewan Sri Maharani, 4th Floor

Title: Hazard and Aturan Keselamatan Elektrik


1) What are hazard and its risk?

2) Hazard category

3) Akibat pendedahan kpd hazard

4) Latihan kenalpasti hazard

Monday, April 12, 2010

day 5

today is friday...this morning we had kuliyyah jumaat..we started the event by reciting the Quran together then there was an Ustaz giving ceramah based on surah that we read...its really good to start a day by having this such of an activity..

day 3 last can go out from the was my first experience joined the team to the site..we went around muar including bakri;to replace the old/break down was really a good chance for me to gain more knowledge about metering and also can see clearly how they do their work...there're steps that must be followed before,while and after changing the meters..if the steps were not followed carefully,maybe incident will happen..thanks to En Wahi and En Shahrun coz willing to share many good info to me..arigato!

day 4

firstly,sorry to whom that read my blog..i not yet post the picture coz x sempat..hopefully this weekend i'll do so..hmm,day 4 x byk beza with the day before..i joined team En Wahi to go to the site and helping them in their jobs...but this time it take us more hours...quite tired with the job and also 'kepanasan' that we had to face...what's more interesting was that we got many jambu batu from 1 uncle when we're replacing meter at his orchid...thank you manyak2 uncle!!hehe...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day 2

today,i went to the meter department..will be there until 30 april...1stly,en hamzah gave me some lecture about the safety at workplace n home,also introduce the equipment used during works.quite boring(u know also right...lecture!!) but i also knew that that was important to know the theory 1st b4 go to the site..really excited to join the team to go out to the site..hoho..

the best part is....
"blm berkesempatan lagi kuarkan duit utk makan coz ada je org2 yg baik hati utk belanje..thanks to hana's mum,en hamzah n also to shahril..."

day 1

my 1st day of intern at tnb n not so much to story..huhu...meeting with en ghani who's the person in charge..he gave briefing bout what to do n not to do during our intern...then we met hj huzairen who is the 'pengurus kawasan' a.k.a PK..he is the most important person at tnb muar..1st impression bout him; so understanding,friendly,cool, but at the same time very the afternoon,we got a briefing from puan syikin about the safety,ethics, and many more...

1st was about an njoy day + day of many2 briefing..hehe...

5.15: go home!